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March 11, 2014

Top-5 Technologies showcased at 2014 Geneva Motor Show

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show, not only provides a ground for the unveiling of new vehicles, but also gave opportunity to different carmakers to showcase their latest engine design and other groundbreaking development in autosector. Keeping that in mind, we have created a list of the latest tech development showcased in the beautiful city of Geneva.
Honda's NSX engine
Honda, the Japanese automaker has showcased the engine layout of its upcoming NSX hybrid supercar at the ongoing 84th Geneva Motor Show. The concept had also gathered much appreciation when its was showcased at recently concluded Delhi Auto Expo. Its is expected that the car will be available to its customers by the early 2015.
The NSX hybrid gets a V6 petrol engine, mounted longitudinally with direct injection facility to increase the mileage figures. Moreover, being a hybrid car, the engine is also coupled to electric motors. The V6 engine does all the duty of driving rear axle, while the front wheels gets its power from two electric motors that can also vary the torque applied on each wheel and the company calls it Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive). The power is transferred via dual-clutch CVT gearbox. This hybrid engine provides a maximum power out of 400bhp.

Kia's T-Hybrid system.
Hyundai's subsidiary Kia Motors Corporation has showcased its new hybrid system: T-Hybrid along with the premier of its electric vehicle named as Soul EV. The T-Hybrid system includes a electric motor connected to a 48V lead carbon battery. This hybrid system is designed and manufactured by the company's R&D center in Europe, is said to be used in all the upcoming Kia models. In this system, the battery provides energy to an electric supercharger which further increase power and torque at the low engine speed.
Initially at the low speed or high speed, the engine puts the car in pure electric mode while when in the deceleration mode battery is charged. The carmaker has also showcased brand's first ever seven speed dual-clutch transmission which enhances the fuel economy by seven percent and allows the car to boost its 100kmph mark by 5%.

Renault 1.6-liter twin turbo diesel engine.
Renault, the French automaker has showcased its new 1.6-litre twin turbo diesel engine at the 84th Swiss Motor Show. This new engine will power the likes of D and D+ segment car that includes Fluence and Megane Coupe. The engine produces a displacement of 1598cc, while developing a maximum power output of 160bhp and peak torque of 380Nm. This 1.6-litre is company's first ever manufactured engine that uses two turbochargers along with the use of transverse water flow that provides better and efficient cooling of the combustion chamber.

Nissan Smart Rearview Mirror.
Smart is the new cool! The Japanese automaker has developed world's first Smart Rearview Mirror that uses LCD screen monitor on the Interior Rear View Mirror (IRVM). The LCD screen can also be changed to the traditional rearview mirror with just a flick of a button. On using the LCD screen, the visibility gets enhanced as a high resolution-camera which is mounted on the rear pillar of vehicle captures the live feed and projects onto the mirror. In the traditional IRVM, the visibility gets effected when luggage or a tall passenger gets seated in the rear row, but this will not happen in the case of Smart Rearview, as it get its live feed from rear mounted high resolution camera. The headlight glare from vehicle trailing behind, can also be minimized in the Smart Rearview. The automaker is planning to bring this smart rearview in the upcoming Nismo car and to the global markets by the year 2015.
Apple's CarPlay
Apple, the multi-billion Computing Co on seeing the ever lasting demand of highly sophisticated infotainment system used in vehicle, has brought its latest development CarPlay at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show. CarPlay is the first ever unified mobile linking platform in automobiles by Apple, ahead of its arch competitors Google and Microsoft. CarPlay connects the iPhone's equipped with lightning cable, namely, 5, 5C and 5S. Carplay comes as an update in the Apple's latest operating system iO7.1.
It offers host of features that includes navigation through Apple maps, iTunes online playlists, iTunes Radio, Podcasts. It aslo support third party App integration Spotify and iHeartRadio beside iTunes. According to Apple cars from Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz will debut 'CarPlay' to their drivers from this week only. The manufacturers follow 'CarPlay' down the road includes Ford, Honda, GM, JLR, Hyundai/Kia, Nissan Motor Company, Suzuki and Toyota Motor Corp amongst others.



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