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March 01, 2014


Mahindra declares monthly sales figures

India's leading SUV manufacturer, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M Ltd.), brings out their monthly sales figures which stood at 42,166 units for the month of February 2014.

February 01, 2014


Mahindra Reva to showcase Formula E car, electric sports car concept at Auto Expo

Mahindra Reva will showcase its Formula E car and a concept electric sports car at the upcoming 2014 Indian Auto Expo. The company will showcase the next generation technology that is being geared up for commercialisation in the near future through a variety of displays.

January 30, 2014


Mahindra brings safety technology for school kids transport

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., a part of the US $ 16.7 billion Mahindra Group, today announced the launch of SafeEye , a path breaking innovative solution in School Bus Safety in the small vans category. The technology solution will be fitted into Mahindra’s Maxximo Mini Van VX School Bus to transform school bus safety by setting a new benchmark. The SafeEye will thus transform the current Maxximo Mini Van VX from a very safe and comfortable school transport vehicle, to a best-in-class 360 degree safe school transport solution .

January 22, 2014


Mahindra Quanto gets Yoga Seats

Mahindra & Mahindra, India's leading SUV maker, has introduced the flexible seating in its 5+2 seater compact SUV, the Quanto. Christened as 'Yoga Seats', the new seats allow 36 different seating combinations that offer maximum flexibility and convenience. With this new seating system, the Quanto is the only sub 4 metre vehicle to have this 5+2 Yoga seating configuration.

January 20, 2014


Mahindra and Ssangyong combinedly developing a crossover for India

Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) is working hard on a new addition to its product portfolio, and in doing so, the company has tied up with Ssangyong. The combined project is termed as S102, which will be the first ever vehicle to be launched based on Mahindra and Ssangyong joint platform.

December 30, 2013


Mahindra Scorpio Specifications, Price & Photo Gallery

We can say that mahindra & mahindra most popular model is mahindra scorpio. In fact,it was one of the first models to be introduced by the company in global markets.The SUV first made its appearance back in the year 2002 wherein it was liked for its looks and engine performance.Further in the year 2006, the company went ahead and refreshed this SUV to give the name "All-NEW Scorpio.New upgrades comprised of mechanical changes and cosmetic makeover. The following year, M&M brought in a pickup version of this SUV calling it as the Scorpio Getaway. In the year 2008, the Scorpio was further equipped with a 6 speed automatic transmission plus a variant called VLX was introduced to the model line-up. With safety becoming a more of a prime concern, in 2009 the Scorpio was given safety features such as dual airbags and ABS.

January 01, 2013


Mahindra XUV 500 Specifications, Price & Photo Gallery

Mahindra & Mahindra has put India on to the global scenario with its newly design based SUV – the Mahindra XUV 500 . With this product, Mahindra now has 5 UV products in its portfolio.
The US $12.5 billion Mahindra Group has a fleet of UVs and it has given some of the sturdiest and rugged cars to India. Prominent among it was iconic Mahindra Jeep that had ruled Indian rural roads for decades. Later, not only did the Mahindra SUVs become more comfortable but powerful as well.
 The recent addition— the XUV 500— is an absolutely new car, built from scratch by the Mahindra design team. The Mahindra XUV 500 is a global standard SUV that is going to embark the company on a world-wide platform. Originally codenamed Mahindra W201, the XUV500 received its name recently before its launch on September 29.

Pronounced as Mahindra XUV500 with the last to ‘00’ pronounced as alphabet ‘OO’, it symbolizes activeness and the agility besides the quickness it has as an SUV. Mahindra has arrived at the design of this SUV after an intensive research and survey that is said to have been conducted in various western markets besides India. Apart from this, the SUV also has been tested to be perfect on many destinations including Europe, Australia and South Africa. After launch in India, the Mahindra XUV 500 will be marketed in South Africa.

Besides the design, Mahindra XUV 500 features a unique exterior styling, an array of technologies that is nowhere visible in the SUVs already in place by Mahindra. In addition, the global design brings with it the global standards as well in this SUV. Mahindra’s Research Valley engineers have burnt their midnight oil to make this happen and it is with the help of their efforts that XUV 500 is able to be developed on global standards.

This is the first car from the Mahindra brand that is based on a monocoque chassis. Contrary to the conventional design in which the car is made of a frame and then it is covered with lightweight metal sheets, the XUV 500 body is a single piece body in which the body and chassis are one piece.

It also has the first-ever transversely placed engine by Mahindra and this has increased the passenger space inside and has also improved safety in case of an impact besides a larger crumple zone. Thus Mahindra XUV is much safer and crash resistant than any of the other Mahindra SUV offering. Land Rover LR2 Freelander and Volvo cars employ transversely placed engine in their cars. Such first in class features make this SUV at par with global standards. Incorporating such features has made XUV500 to compete with global SUVs in terms of global norms, safety regulations and emission standards. In India, XUV500 will create its own unique space and is place above Mahindra Scorpio and the big SUV daddies from India.

Mahindra XUV 500 has 2179cc mHawk engine that also powers the Mahindra Scorpio and now even the Xylo. The common rail diesel engine produces 140bhp which is enough to cruise the XUV500 on road or off-road. Most noteworthy is the torque which is 330Nm that lets the new SUV to move around easily even in snail-paced city traffic. There is a six-speed manual gearbox in XUV 500 with a torque on demand mechanism. There are two variants on the XUV 500, one is a two-wheel drive model while the other is a four-wheel drive model. Micro-hybrid technology is also used in the XUV500 for better fuel efficiency.

Power of Mahindra XUV 500

A 2179cc mHawk diesel engine that currently powers Mahindra Scorpio powers the Mahindra XUV 500 as well. The CRDi engine is capable of producing 140 bhp of maximum power and a maximum torque of 330 Nm . The 2.2L engine is able to produce 140 Bhp (103kW) at just 3750 rpm and it produces the torque of 330 Nm at as low as 1600-2800 rpm. This low rpm makes Mahindra XUV 500 challenge any off-road and the city traffic as well. It has a 6-speed manual transmission and there is no automatic transmission option available on the XUV 500.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

With a 140bhp engine, XUV 500 has a top speed of 185kmph . The six-speed manual gearbox in the SUV coupled with the 4WD or All-wheel drive (AWD) enables the XUV 500 to take on any terrain with ease.

Mahindra XUV 500 Exteriors

The new SUV by Mahindra is based on monocoque construction which is a single frame unlike the traditional design version which is the body-on-frame. This ensures better handling and also makes the car safe and secure. The front face of the mighty looking SUV has a characteristic jaw-shaped honeycomb grille similar to a Cheetah’s face cuts. The honeycomb grille also finds its presence on the broad front bumper. The headlamps are two barrel shaped with side indicators in the same headlamp assembly. There are also daytime running lights placed horizontally just below the two barrels of the headlamp in the same assembly. Overall, the front has a shape of a pouncing Cheetah.

Moving on to the sides is much more rewarding than the front. The bold line that starts from just above the front side fender continues to the rear lamps. There is also much prominent and bold splash-guard on the front and the rear wheel that makes it look macho than other SUVs in India. The doors also have ‘paw’ shaped handles which are first in class and gives Mahindra XUV 500 a thematic look. The side outside rear view mirror also houses the side indicator and small parking light. The sides appear more like a fully built SUV with a high stance. Mahindra has however dealt beautifully with the side appearance and it does not look boxy from the sides. The roof rails have also be streamlined with the roofline.

The rear appearance of XUV 500 is in consonance with the overall Cheetah image and has been carved out well. In all, it has 50-50 ratio of the boot and the rear windscreen. The tail lamps have a unique three vertical compartments separated by molded reflectors. The tail lamp sweeps forward to the side and merges with the bold line that has come from front fender. The rear also has a rear wiper and high mounted stop lamp. There are also two stop warning indicators on both the sides. The spare wheel has been very intelligently hidden just below the boot. The Intellipark sensors are bumper colored and distinctly visible. The characteristic feature of Mahindra XUV500’s rear is the presence of twin exhausts.
Mahindra XUV 500 Exterior Measurements
The car has a look of a fully grown SUV and so the exterior measurements confirm. XUV 500 has an overall length of 4585mm, a width of 1890mm and it has an overall height measuring 1785mm. It has a wheelbase of 2700mm and it has an impressive turning radius of 5.6m. The gross weight of the SUV is 2450kg.

Mahindra XUV 500 Interior

Step inside the new XUV 500 and you will realize that there is something extraordinary in place inside it. On the inside there is a comfortable seating for seven people, two at the front, and three on the middle row and two at the rear. The passenger side bench type seat in the middle row is foldable. The two seats in the last row are also foldable and the space works as a boot with it in a folded state.  

The dash that houses a long central console is the one that grabs the attention of the person entering the SUV. On the central console, there is a 6-inch touchscreen monochrome/color display on the top besides audio controls and the AC controls below it.  

There are four AC vents on the front dash, two on the sides of the central console and one on either side. The steering wheel of the Mahindra XUV 500 is a mix of sporty looks and functionality. Its one half is a steering wheel and the other half is a remote control to the audio so that numbers keep shuffling while the SUV growls on-road and off-road. It also has cruise control buttons on it. Placed just behind the steering wheel is the sporty twin-pod shaped instrument cluster that combines, looks and functionality.

The interior is clad in beautiful two-tone shade with fabric/leather upholstery. Besides, the cabin is lighted to set the mood. There are also background lights that highlight the door handles. The internal rear view mirror has manual night view feature. Just above the internal rear view mirror there is sunglass holder box along with another small box for keeping some essentials. The dash also has a spacious glove box that can even accommodate a small laptop in it. The interior plastic quality is good and it is at par with the global standard that the Mahindra XUV 500 vouches.
Interior Comfort
Contrary to the image of an SUV, XUV 500 has unbeatably comfortable interiors. The material used inside has a comfort feel apart from a lot of functionalities that are there in this SUV. Overall, Mahindra XUV 500 takes care of even little comfort features viz. an umbrella holder that is no where seen in any of the SUVs and that is why the SUV has lots of features that make this car stand apart from others.

Interior comfort starts with the agile nature of the XUV 500 that is further complemented by the mHawk engine that gives a low NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) . Besides the new SUV has a seating for 7 people but the last row acts as a boot in a folded state. The front seats are ergonomically designed and have lumbar support. The driver seat is 8-way adjustable including height adjustment feature. The front seats have height adjustable seat belts in the front row.

There is a cool box between the front seats. There are also two cup holders between the gear knob and the cool box. The door handles have background lights and are highlighted so that these are accessible even in dark. Besides, the room lamp has the same shade lighting. Mahindra XUV 500 also has a sunglass holder just above the internal review mirror besides a conversation mirror just above it so that the driver can talk to the rear passengers without turning his head. The glove box in the dash is also spacious and even a laptop can be stored in it.

The central console is the key area where the comfort enhancements are controlled. It is well within the comfortable reach of the driver and houses a 6-inch color display with voice activated module that displays information regarding the navigation, music being played and some other information. There is also a music system on the central control with DVD player. The music system can be connected to an iPOD with the help of a USB port besides the Bluetooth connectivity for phone . The console also has AC controls. The air conditioner has fully automatic temperature control with dual HVAC . The central console also has a glove box on its top.

The leather clad, ergonomically designed tilt and telescopic adjustable steering has various controls on it including Cruise, audio, phone & voice command switches. In order to quickly open the driver side window screen, there is a driver side express down button. The tail gate is remote operated and locking and unlocking the SUV 500 is far easier with the flip key with remote central locking. The ORVMs are electrically foldable and adjustable. Mahindra XUV 500 takes care of all the three rows well with reading lamps for the all the three rows along with mobile charging points .

In order to avoid sunrays disrupting the vision through the front windscreen there is a tinted solar reflecting glass used in it. The rear windscreen has a wash and wipe feature besides a rear demister for better visibility. If it is SUV it is bound to access bad weather as well and for it, Mahindra XUV 500 has rain sensing wipers.

There are also array of lamps including Puddle lamps, Entry assist lamp, Door ajar lamps, Camping lamps on the XUV 500. There is also an umbrella holder in Mahindra XUV 500.
Interior Measurements
Being a big SUV, the XUV 500 interior space is also decent. There is very good headroom, legroom and shoulder room at the front and the middle row. However, the last row is a little cramped and only two people can fit in.

 Engine and Performance

Mahindra XUV 500 engine is a 2179cc mHawk type. It has the maximum power out of 140bhp at 3750 rpm besides a maximum torque capacity of 330Nm at 1600-2800rpm . The engine is based on a direct injection technology with Variable Geometry Turbocharger that makes it more powerful than the mHawk engine in Mahindra Scorpio. The XUV 500 has a six speed manual gearbox making it suitable for Indian conditions; an automatic version may come up on the international edition. The gearbox has been developed in house by Mahindra.

The engine has Micro Hybrid technology in place making it more fuel efficient than other Mahindra SUVs in India. The engine performs well on road and off the road equally and with the All-Wheel drive option, the XUV 500 is capable of challenging any terrain. A two-wheel drive model is also available on Mahindra XUV 500.

Stereo & Accessories 

The new Mahindra car keeps its passengers happy, safe and entertained well with its power, safety features and the advanced audio system. Besides the XUV 500 has a 6-inch monochrome DIS infotainment system (color touchscreen on the XUV 500 W8 4WD) that keeps all the information regarding the car, music and other stats. It is voice command activated.
The XUV 500 comes with CD/MP3 player on the base variant and there is a DVD Player on the W8 and W8 4WD. An iPod can also be connected to the music system. Volume control of the music system is also there on the steering. The car comes with integrated four speakers , one on each door apart from two tweeters on the dashboard.

Handling & Safety

Mahindra SUVs in India have brown much bigger, smarter, economic and safer in the yesteryears. With constant technological updations and introduction of new technologies in its cars, Mahindra has made its SUV to perform well and to keep its passengers safe.  

There are a lot of safety features on Mahindra XUV 500 that makes it almost invincible. The foremost is the monocoque design that has not only made the cabin more spacious but safe as well. Besides, there are dual airbags both for the driver and the front passenger . I addition to it there are also side & curtain airbags along with side impact beams to keep the occupants safe from side impacts. There is robust crumple zone to protect the car and the passengers from a crash. Tubeless tyres ensure that the SUV can handle any terrain. Furthermore, all disc brakes with ABS, EBD ensure efficient braking of the SUV .

For the XUV 500 big size is not a minus at times of parking thanks to the Intellipark system installed in it that helps park the vehicle with ease even in cramped parking lots. Furthermore, in order to ensure full visibility through the windscreen, the XUV 500 has smart wipers that wipe clean the windscreen whenever there is water on the screen or if there is rain. The headlamps too on Mahindra XUV 500 are intelligent and these turn on whenever it is dark or of the car enters a tunnel or a dark space.

In order to keep the SUV safe from unwanted visitors or thieves, XUV 500 has digital immobilizer that ensures that it starts only with a genuine key . So, contrary to sleepless nights of Mahindra Bolero users, XUV 500 owners can have sound sleep as it protects itself from thieves.

Mahindra XUV 500 steering has stereo (on the left) and cruise controls (on the right) mounted on it.

Braking & Handling

With a mammoth power underneath, styling and a torque rich engine, one will surely stretch it to its top-speed and knowing this, Mahindra has fitted a robust braking mechanism in the XUV 500. Both the front and rear brakes are disk & caliper type.

The suspension system is designed on the basis of a monocoque design and all the four wheels have independent suspension to give the occupants an untiring comfort and so that even the larger potholes on Indian roads do not worry XUV 500. The front has a McPherson type with anti-roll bar and the rear suspension is a Multilink type with anti-roll bar.

Handling the Mahindra XUV 500 is far easier that any of Mahindra’s SUVs. It has a turning radius of only 5.6m and with a high torque at low rpm engine, it works well in the city and with 140bhp power it runs well on the highways as well. The powerful engine also enables the 2450 Kg SUV to move around in an agile manner. In addition to an effective both disc braking system, the XUV 500 also has Anti-lock Braking system that ensures that the car brakes do not lock even in times of panic braking. There is also an Electronic Stability Program that keeps Mahindra XUV 500 on track even on curvy turns. Furthermore, XUV 500 also has Hill Hold and Hill Descent control making it suitable even for hilly areas. With the ESP in it, climbing or descending from a hill is no uphill task for XUV 500.


Mahindra XUV 500 runs on all alloy wheels. The five-spoke 17 inch alloy wheels have a tyre size of P235/65 R17 which are radial and tubeless. There is a spare wheel that has been hidden just below the boot. Mahindra XUV 500 also has Tyre Tronics system that monitors the tyre pressure and warns if there is a significant decrease in tyre pressure thus ensuring perfect air in the tyres and greater mileage and safety.

Mahindra XUV 500 Specifications

Mahindra XUV 500 Price

Mahindra XUV500 Colours


December 27, 2012


Mahindra’s Rs 1,800-crore testing facility faces bureaucratic delays

Mahindra’s ambitious plan to establish a 1,800-crore testing facility at Cheyyar in Tamil Nadu has been delayed as the government has not yet allotted the requested 400 acres of land. The delay has impacted Mahindra’s investment plans of establishing a Rs 4,000-crore car manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu.
Currently, M&M is using its make-shift testing facility at Mahindra World City, 40 kms away from Chennai. Unfortunately, this testing facility is inadequate for Mahindra’s future plans and products.
Mahindra signed an MOU with Tamil Nadu government in early 2011 and asked for 400 acres of land. Of the 400 acres, 150 acres was allocated for the testing facility and the remaining for the manufacturing unit. Mahindra planned to invest Rs 1,800 crores in a span of seven months starting from 2011.

Mahindra says that because of these ‘procedural delays’, the automaker is holding back on future investments but it is hopeful that the government will allocate the land soon.
This new facility will be responsible for Mahindra’s small car ambitions. Codenamed The C-101 and S-101, these new small cars will be Mahindra’s answer to Maruti Suzuki in India. Mahindra is also developing small petrol and diesel engines with the help of its ally SsangYong for these new small cars.

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