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November 20, 2013

Honda Amaze Specifications, Price & Photo Gallery

Honda's first diesel for the Indian market comes in the form of the Amaze sedan. Based on the Brio hatchback.Honda Amaze is a real beauty in every way from a company, which won awards internationally for its technical excellence and manufacturing marvels. Honda was always among the few international companies, which actually succeeded in enjoying a constant and even ever increasing fan base and customer base in India. Honda City offered by the company still remains one of the most successful vehicles in its segment. Ever since the Amaze was launched it raised a lot of customers waiting for the launch so as to grab one of these economic luxury vehicles. As a vehicle it is certainly ahead of its contemporaries. It definitely has something new to offer in terms of power, performance, looks and the price too.


As per the ARAI cycle, the fuel efficiency of the Honda Amaze is 25.8kmpl for the diesel, while that of the petrol will be a little less than the Brio.
Honda Amaze is offered in two different engine variants which are equally competent in their own market. The vehicle is capable of producing enough power to carry on the entire automobile industry through new directions. More importantly, the diesel engine which is dubbed as i-DTEC engine is an innovation in the true sense. Diesel engines are not part of the major engineering advancements over years compared to their petrol siblings. Honda took the stand to create an efficient engine which can compete with the petrol counterparts and even offer better performance than them. The Honda Earth Dreams engine does the same job completely smooth. The vehicle is designed to be highly fuel efficient so that the purpose of introducing a diesel engine for the Indian automobile customers truly serves its purpose. The manual transmission system and automatic transmission system of the Honda Amaze are capable of producing different mileage figures due to certain technical mechanisms. The petrol versions of the Honda Amaze can run at a mileage of 18.0kmpl for the manual transmission versions and 15.5kmpl for the automatic transmission versions.


The 88bhp petrol and 98bhp diesel engines on the Amaze are powerful and one of the best in its segment, atleast on the manuscript.

Honda Amaze indeed is a powerful car in its class. Since the vehicle is offered in two broad categories based on fuel types, the petrol version of the car is equipped with a 4-cylinder SOHC i-VTEC engine, which is capable of churning out 1198cc displacement while their siblings in the diesel category are powerful enough to offer a competitive 1498cc displacement with their four cylinder DOHC i-DTEC engine . Honda took the right decision in offering a rather powerful engine for the diesel variant because ultimately the power offered by both the engine types are ensured to be more or less competitive and at times the diesel engine even ends up performing better than the petrol version. The petrol engine brings out a power of 86.7bhp at 6000rpm while the same for the diesel variant is a stunning 98.6bhp at 3600rpm. The torque offered by the Amaze is also competitive in both the engine variants. The diesel segment however is blessed with a rather powerful engine as it is capable of producing enough torque sufficiently more than the petrol segment. 

Honda Amaze Specifications

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