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January 13, 2014


Audi Crossover Concept revealed

The German luxury carmaker has revealed the first set of pictures of the Audi Crossover concept, which is scheduled to make its debut at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show. The company had teased the sketches of the concept in December and with this latest set of images, it is being speculated to be the Audi's upcoming Q1 crossover.

The crossover will be an electric hybrid as it features an 'e-tron' emblem. The front facade looks aggressive, thanks to its sharp headlights and a prominent Audi grille with horizontal slats. At the rear, a roof spoiler on the tailgate and a twin exhaust adds sportiness to the two door concept. With a wheelbase of 2.51 meters (8.23 ft), the show car − painted in Ice Blue − is 4.20 meters (13.78 ft) long, 1.85 meters (6.07 ft) wide and 1.41 meters (4.63 ft) tall. The vehicle gets plastic cladding all-around, sporty wheel arches and 19-inch alloy wheels.

Inside the cabin, the Crossover Concept has plenty of room for four passengers. In front, the narrow sport seats give the driver and front passenger optimal body support; they feature highly contoured lateral panels and integrated head restraints, while cushioned pads support the thighs in quick driving through curves. An easy entry function makes it easier to enter the rear seating area. When the rear seatback is folded down, a cargo area with a level cargo floor is created, in which there is space for rather large sports equipment.

The dashboard of the concept looks identical to the 'Virtual Cockpit' of the 2015 Audi TT. The steering wheel and digital instrument cluster lie in a single direct line of sight. It features a TFT display with its 12.3-inch screen, which gives all key information in top quality 3D graphics and offers a variety of modes. In the classic view, the power-meter for the plug-in hybrid drive system and the speedometer are in the foreground, while in Infotainment mode elements such as the large navigation map dominate, and in Sport mode the tachometer is prominently displayed. Another forward-looking feature in the show car is the Audi phone box, which links the driver's cell phone to the vehicle electrical system and can inductively charge it as necessary.

Under the hood, the Audi Show Car gets the 2.0-litre TFSI engine that churns out a maximum power output of 292bhp and 380Nm of peak torque. It operates together with a disc-shaped electric motor via a decoupling clutch; the electric motor develops 53.6bhp of power and 270Nm of torque. Power is transmitted to the front wheels via a six-speed e-S tronic dual clutch transmission.

There is a second electric motor, which is a separate from this drive unit, is mounted to the rear axle. It supplies propulsive power at low and moderate vehicle speeds with its maximum power of 113bhp and 270Nm of torque. It can also be operated in tandem with the motor and engine at the front axle if the hybrid management system decides that all-wheel drive makes sense.

source :cardekho

January 10, 2014


Audi 2013 sales show more than 1.57 million deliveries

Audi sold 15,75,500 cars in 2013. With more than 1 million cars sold last year, the company has shown a 8.3 per cent increase in sales figures as compared to that of 2012.
The German carmaker’s sales saw a boost due to their export counterparts around the world.

December 27, 2012


Audi Announces Revised Prices of all its Cars in India

After announcing the price hike earlier due to rising input cost, Audi India has today disclosed the details of increase in prices of its model range available in India. The price increase would range between INR 59,000 to INR 369,000 (ex-showroom Delhi) across the model range from January 1, 2013.“As we have stated earlier, the overall market scenario is challenging. The rise in input cost, depreciating rupee as well as continuous increase in fuel prices have made us re-evaluate our pricing strategy in India and increase the prices of our entire model range.

 However, we are offering our customers customized and innovative finance options from Audi Finance which will make their purchase more attractive.” said Michael Perschke, Head, Audi India.“In spite of the challenges, Audi is the growth driver of the luxury car market in India. Our company is also growing from strength to strength with 24 dealerships - the most recent one being Audi Ahmedabad. We have already surpassed the 2012 sales target of 8000 units even before the year comes to an end”, added Mr. Perschke.
Audi displayed stellar performance in November by crossing its sales target of 8000 units for 2012. The luxury carmaker registered a total sale of 805 units in November 2012, a strong growth of 89 percent over the same period last year (November 2011: 425 units). Audi recorded a 58 percent growth rate YTD with 8072 units sold from January to November 2012. (Jan-November 2011: 5117 units).Prices have been revised across the Audi India model range. Check the revised prices below-

- Audi A6 2.0 TDI- INR 4,086,000 (up 2.5%);

- Audi A8 L 3.0 TDI q: INR 9,129,000 (up 2.5%);

- Audi Q3 2.0 TDI q: INR 2,790,000 (up 2.5%);

- Audi Q7 3.0 TDI q: INR 5,884,000 (up 1%);

- Audi S4 3.0 TFSI q: INR 4,849,000 (up 5%).

(All prices ex-showroom Delhi. Detailed price list available with Audi dealerships across the country.)

July 17, 2012


The Virtual Retail Showroom of Audi Opens in London

Audi comes This time for their latest concept of the virtual digital store called “Audi City”. Here the entire line-up of the Audi models will be present but will be displayed on life-size screens. A few of the popular models might be available on the store floor as well.

these digital Audi Showrooms opened close to the Piccadilly Circus in London and soon a few more are to follow, in fact Audi is planning to bring in 20 stores by end of 2015. These stores will have product experts and customer relationship managers to answer questions of the prospective buyers and current customers.These stores will allow customers to virtually select possible configurations, colors and experience the cars on a 1:1 scale on screen.Commenting on this concept Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi board member said that this would help Audi come in closer contact with the customers with help of tailor-made services. Audi is not the first to bring in such stores and BMW already has the BMW ‘i stores’ which is dedicated to its electric cars.hese retail stores and innovative concepts play a crucial role in helping the brand carve and maintain the niche that is their products are aimed towards.

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